Old English Language and Literature: 1066 and All That

Wednesday Morning Online Seminars  2020

We shall continue our course exploring Old English language and literature, art and culture, the history of the Old English-speaking peoples. Our main text for this term is the good old Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, wherein we have reached the long reign of Edward the Confessor (1042-1066).

Provisional Dates, Summer 2020      

          • 6th May
          • 13th May
          • 20th May
          • 3rd June
          • 10th June
          • 17th June
          • 24th June
          • 1st July
          • 8th July

Seminars usually run from 10.30 – 13.00 with a half-hour break c.11.30.

To enrol on any, some, or all of the series, please e.mail me at samnewton@wuffings.co.uk 

The fee for each seminar is £15.  

Please make payment in advance, either by

1. PayPal or Bank Card – I shall provide the link to my online payments’ page containing buttons for either of these options when I reply to your e.mail; or
2. Online Transfer – bank details available if this is your preferred option; or
3. Cheque – details and address also available.
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