Old English Language, Literature, and the Golden Age of Ængland

Wednesday Morning Seminars  2019

We shall continue our course exploring Old English language and literature, art and culture, the almost lost continent of heroic legend, and the Golden Age of the early English-speaking peoples. Our main text for this term is The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

Provisional Dates, Autumn Term 2019

          • 18th September
          • 25th September
          • 2nd October
          • 9th October
          • 16th October
          • 30th October
          • 6th November
          • 13th November
          • 20th November
          • 27th November
          • 4th December
          • 11th December
The seminar fee for each morning (10.30-13.00) is £15.  
To enrol on any or all of the series, please e.mail me at the address below:
Please replace the AT with @ when sending the email – I have written my email address in this way to prevent spam robots picking it up and bombarding me with junk mail. For some reason, I’ve received a lot of these recently.


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