2022 Forgotten Soundscapes of Sutton Hoo:
 Beowulf and Old English Language & Literature

1. Monday Mornings Online in Zoomland,

09.00 – c.11.30 UK time, including a half-time break at 10.00.

I shall be co-hosting this online seminar group with world-class Beowulf scholar, Professor Len Neidorf of the University of Nanjing.

                  • starting Monday 17th January 2022

2. Wednesday Mornings Live in Suffolk’s Valley of the Kings,

10.15 – 12.45 UK time, with a half-time break at 11.15.
                  • starting Wednesday 19th January 2022

To enrol on all or any of these, please e.mail me – host@wuffingeducation.co.uk

The fee for each seminar is (as it has been since the start of the seminars at Sutton Hoo in 2002) £15 per person.  

Please make payment in advance, preferably by online bank transfer, cheque, or cash on the live days.

I shall provide account details when I reply to your e.mail.
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